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Klimakapsel EP

phoke63   by   Clicks and Errors

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Between the Future Forum and negative weather records, super volcanoes and little coughs like Eyjafjallajökull and so 'trivial' events such as the first programmed organism by Craig Venter, we find ourselves together to go to a stubborn Zen-position, but packing the knapsack at the same time and in memory of the movie Pale Cocoon we go into retreat. With elegant music, we rely on our climate capsules or see some models in the same-titled exhibition in Hamburg first.

With zhe four tracks of downbeating dreamy IDM we present you the music project »Clicks and Errors« of Rostock which we got to know through the artist Trickform. We are very happy and recommend both Clicks and Errors Netrelease "The Neon Fortress," and the Netlabel "Free Sample".

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