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phoke45   by   Stefan Pautze

In fact, fractals are nothing new. As colourful illustrations they have been appearing in media for many years. But there is more behind this. Fractals provide the mathematical tool set to describe complex structures including coastlines, clouds, mountains, plants, vascular systems, growth processes, stock-exchange prices or the distribution of matter in outer space. From there it is just a little step to the assumption, that the main principles of fractals must be fixed deep in the world's architecture.

The easiest way towards understanding them is to start experimenting oneself. For this reason the Koch-Curve was modified and translated into a computer program, to form a tool to search for the grown, living, alien shape.

The "Cascade and its Dust" is a project of the graphic artist Stefan Pautze. There are no poetic concepts behind the name. "Dust" is the mathematical description for a set of non-connected points. The cascade is a synonym for the principle of recursion, the basic technique behind the created computer program.

The soundtrack for the experimental video "The Cascade and its Dust" was already released on Phonocake. It contains the original version by SkiesUnlimited as well as eleven remixes. You can find the release here
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"1000 Dank für die Geduld! / Thank you for the patience!"

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