parmon : Currently he is the main curator of, as well as one of the original founders. In his "freetime" = ) he is working for CYNETART media art festival and other cultural institutions. He helped to reactivate the »« Netlabel and created the concept of audioLAB music workspace project in Dresden. parmon did most of the programming of the website and actually did the redesign.

trans alp: The Phonocake grafic specialist, who did and does most of our release artworks. He will design our records and did so with our 50th release anniversary cassette. Besides listening to Phonocake Demos he is currently also maintaining the Phonocake presence. Besides this he is active in the Zinovieff Ensemble as well as in the DONNERSTAG audio lifespace crew.

roci hinosch: One of the original founders, who invented our forum, helped out with programming and came up with the t-shirts. He currently hosts + pays our and SleepyCity's webspace. He is active with the music project »Skies Unlimited« and became father these days. He is listening to demos and is maintaining our presence and maintained Soundcloud.

bad comfort: One of the original founders and in his free time as well as in his job always active in cultural fields. He is also well known through the netlabellist, which now is called He is part of the collective Zinoffiev Ensemble, has his own radio show, was formerly active in the off space Stock 7 and is now part of the DONNERSTAG music workshop series. bad comfort did the original two website designs of Phonocake and designed our Logo.

al magnifico: He is active part in the Demo-Listening crew and admin from the beginning on, works in a music software company and is part of HipHop related bands. Currently he is going to maintain our soundcloud presence.