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phoke88   by   v.a.

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Don't panic, while flying through the helix of time. The secrets of the circle expect your understanding. Every ending is supposed to be a transition to smth.

Contrary to the rush about the end of paper issues, we are more going into the direction of good things in life, naming our this years compilation after south american 'invention' of chocolate, which is best served with some good music of course. We don't know, what the Aztecs heard while drinking choc, but we know, what kinda music we like. So we present you a bittersweet transition symphony with some selected tracks by phonocake artists and friends.

You know, our tempo is a bit different > ) ( < so it's the compilation we invited the artists already at the beginning of 2012. With the short delay of just ten months we can bring them now, after having missed the compilation in 2011. You see: things get better, haha : D

Thanks to all, who sent demos in 2012 and sorry to all we didn't already write back. Also sorry to the artists who wait for their release already. But we hope you liked the 2012 releases so far. More awesome releases are in the line, waiting for hitting our stores : ). More in 2013 then. See you in another dimension.

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